Workplace Art Design

In today’s world, one of the preoccupations of business leaders is how to attract the best talent, keep people happy, engaged and be at the top of their capacity. This is the main road which leads to competitive advantage and innovation.

Art in the workplace can be the reason to keep employees excited and inspired to come to work. It is important that the working environment is a source of pride for workers. Here are the main benefits for businesses to include art in the workplace design:

  1. Creative thinking. Dynamic art can inspire creative thinking and give everybody confidence that new ideas will be well received.
  2. Productivity. Art can improve productivity by 17%. Employees who have control over the design and layout of their workspace are up to 32% more productive.
  3. Motivation. 64% of employees agree that art makes them feel more motivated.
  4. Well-being. Over 80% of employees say artworks improve their sense of well-being. Splashes of color can alter the mood. The relaxing, contemplative aspects of art can lower the stress levels.
  5. CSR. Millennials expect their employers to engage in social causes, like supporting local artists.

Maskina Art Ventures is a Creative Art Consultancy that helps businesses to build corporate art collections and solutions  in order to create employees experiences, improve productivity, motivation, promote creative thinking and well-being.

We are passionate not only about adorning the working space with art, but also about creating cultural environment and magic atmosphere acting at the collective conscience, establishing emotional connection to mindsets and driving change in behaviors. Our solutions are aligned with culture, values and purpose of our clients.